Patient Testimonials

From the moment I entered the Timeless Laser & Skin Care office, I felt welcomed with open arms. This is indeed the most positive, warm atmosphere I have ever been in. Dr. Christian and her entire staff are phenomenal, down to earth people. Dr. Christian is honest and pulls no punches when it comes to your skin care. Timeless Laser & Skin Care made me feel like I was part of their family. I am so pleased to finally find a place I can call home. Thank you Timeless Laser & Skin Care - you deserve way more than a 5 star rating!

— S.M. October 2016


I have been going to Timeless Laser & Skin Care for over 8 years. I have followed Stephanie to her new addresses along the way because of her superb recommendations and treatments. As I have aged, Stephanie has worked with me on the changes in treatments I needed to make. I always end up looking natural and have been very pleased with my skin care and variety of laser treatments. I will not go to any other doctor.

— Anonymous October 2016


Dr. Stephanie has been a huge blessing to me. She pays excellent attention to detail and knows from experience how to inject and where to inject!! Dr. Stepahanie makes you feel as you are the only patient she has that day!!! and that my looking younger is very important to her. My experience truly beats going to my previous male doctor. His technique was not as good-- he did not have the eye or the art of knowing exactly where to inject the filler or botox. What a difference Dr. Stephanie has been. Thank you all for offering savings on these must-have youth looking procedures!!! Thank you so much.

—J.T. February 2016


Best injector award! Dr. Chrisian is the best! You won't be disappointed. She is truly an artist as well as a very knowledgeable injector. I had been other places and she corrected their mistakes beautifully.

—B.B. September 2015


I was actually 10 minutes early, and was taken right back to a room. Painless procedure, extremely happy with the whole team from front office to back office. All staff are helpful, knowledgeable and happy. Dr. Christian is wonderful at making me feel at ease, she has a wonderful manner, and is excellent at what she does. Have already recommended her to friends and family.

—L.F. September 2015


Love Dr. Stephanie! The office staff is always very pleasant and visiting the office is always an enjoyable experience!

—S.F. May 2015


I appreciate Dr. Christian's warm, approachable manner and highly respect her knowledge and dedication. The new office is beautifully appointed and comfortable. Dr. Christian's staff is friendly, courteous, and competent. My thanks to all who made my first a pleasant experience!

—V.P. May 2015


I have gone to Dr. Chrtistian for several years now and I have to tell you she is the greatest! I have been to plastic surgeons for fillers, etc. in the past, and the results I get with Dr. Christian are much better in my opinion. I always feel well-informed of option and services available for results I am looking for. Not only is she quite the artist, she also teaches about things to do for further enhancement and health. She has such a relaxing demeanor that you don't feel anxious, etc and your procedure is over before your realize it! The products she carries are top-notch. I always look forward to my visit with her! Also, the new office is beautiful! The colors are perfect for the services offered. Love it!

—P.R. May 2015


Impressed with Dr. Christine. I felt fully connected. Left with a true understanding of what I need to do. Thank you. I WISH ALL DOCTOR OFFICES WERE LIKE YOUR PRACTICE!

—C.C. May 2015


I was so nervous about getting my lips injected. Other people had told me how painful it was and how much brusing was associated with lip injections. I followed Dr. Christians anti-bruising protocal and numbing protocal. Her pleasant bed-side manor eased my nerves and the injections were not painful as I had expected. I had NO bruising, NO redness - MY LIPS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

—Anonymous, March 2015


I am so happy with the injections I received from Dr. Stefanie Christian. I had been seeing someone else, but my lips now look the best they have 5-6 years. I can't wait to see Dr. Christian again!

—M.D. January 2015


I can't stop looking at my face. I am so happy with my results!

—J.S. January 2015


I have struggled with Rosacea my whole life. I had been to many dermatologists and tried many different treatments, but nothing ever seemed to help get rid of the redness. Then I met Dr. Christian. She took the time to educate me about Rosacea, the root cause and the process through the skin; and how lifestyle and diet can exacerbate my condition. After a series of Genesis laser treatments, fantastic products and knowing my triggers, my face is no longer red. It truly is
a miracle. My family and friends can't believe the difference and are so happy for me. Thank you Dr. Christian!

—A.G. December 2014


I was having such a bad week. I saw Dr. Christian for lip injections. My lips have never looked so good! It turned a bad week into a great week. Dr. Christian does the best job!

—B.C. November 2014


I am so thrilled to have learned about laser hair removal with Dr. Christian. From a young age I was self-conscious about the dark, noticeable hair in places other than the top of my head. Changing for gym class or backstage at a dance recital was unpleasant, to say the least. Now I don’t worry if someone catches a glimpse of my back, as it is completely hairless and smooth. My underarms are smooth for days on end as opposed to only a few hours after shaving. The treatments are a little uncomfortable, but the pleasant conversation with Dr. Christian is a nice distraction. And, it is comforting to know that Dr. Christian takes safety seriously; I am never at all worried while in her office. The most difficult aspect of the treatment is deciding which area to do next!

—K.P. in Rocky River, May 2014


I am a 53 year old man who used to have the pink cheeks, visible vessels, and enlarged pores characteristic of rosacea. I also had brown spots from sun. I work with the public and wanted my skin to look better. I had heard about Dr. Stefanie Christian. I saw her for a consultation where she educated me about rosacea and the lifestyle choices I could make to improve my condition. She also offered several options for laser treatments for my various concerns. I chose IPL for
the brown spots, Laser Genesis for the redness and enlarged pores, and a vascular laser for my visible blood vessels. I can honestly say that the treatments exceeded my expectations. My wife and friends tell me myskin looks better than it has in 10 years. I felt very comfortable at Timeless Laser & Skin Care.

—B.M., September 2013


Dr. Christian is an expert in her field. She worked with me individually and offered expert applications, with great results. Being adverse to any surgery, I was initially against Botox; but I have found it to be a fast, easy way to eliminate the frownlines on my forehead with results lasting almost a year. Laser Genesis, which feels like warm sun, eliminates my rosacea and sun damage. Dr. Stefanie's clinical expertise makes me trust only her with my skin!

—H.L. August 2013


"I couldn’t be happier with the results! I went to Dr. Christian for laser treatment of my rosacea, and at first I was skeptical because I’d had little to no success with other laser treatments. As it turned out, I have sub-type I with occasional flares of sub-type II rosacea. After just the first treatment, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin! The redness and tiny veins were all but gone, and I no longer avoided looking at my face in the mirror. In fact, I loved it and had a
renewed enthusiasm about dressing up. I really appreciate Dr. Christian’s thoroughness too. She was very careful to make sure she treated all affected areas, and the results speak for themselves. I definitely found it worth the investment and would highly recommend Timeless Laser to anyone dealing with any kind of skin disorder that laser helps. Thanks again Cindy and Dr.

—Angela M., March 2013


"After spending my childhood at the beach and my later years boating, fishing and riding motorcycles, at the age of 58, I found the cumulative years in the sun had left my exposed skin very damaged. My face was leathery looking with numerous "sun spots" and freckles, and my neck and chest were badly discolored. I was fortunate to learn about Dr. Stefanie IPL Photogenesis treatments. About a week after the first treatment, I noticed a drastic improvement as the brown spots on my face started fading. After the second treatment, my coworkers started noticing and commenting on the improvement! After the third treatment, I can honestly say the sun damage to my faace, neck, and chest has been dramatically improved! My friends have told me I look refreshed and my own mom has told me I look year younger. I am very happy with the results! It was a sincere pleasure working with Dr. Stefanie and her competent staff. Thank you so much for restoring my skin and self-confidence!"

—V.R., March 2012


"After some recent weight loss, my face was showing the downside: cheeks that had lost their roundness and lines around the mouth that made me look tired and unhappy. Dr. Stefanie and I discussed some options that were non-surgical - that I could do on my lunch hour and that would bring my face back to life and to help to show how happy I was to have worked to lose some weight and be healthier. We discussed injectible fillers, but because I bruise easily, I expressed my real
fears of bruising on my face. Dr. Christian listened to my concerns and a post surgical kit was recommended to offset bruising, which consisted of a salve and tablets to dissolve under the tongue, twice a day for about 4 days.

My appointment with Dr. Christian was at noon. The experience was one of small pin pricks eased with ice, after which I applied a bit of makeup and returned to work. I was encouraged to call Dr. Stefanie at any time, with any questions or concerns.

The results were amazing! The post surgical kit made the bruising almost non-existent. The dissolvable tablets actually tasted good and I cannot say enough about how wonderfully easy it is to turn a frown into a smile!"

—G.L., 2011


"When I was 40 years old, the “Guess Your Age Booth” at Cedar Point was a wake-up call because they guessed my exact age – 40.

I started having Laser Genesis treatments with you and have continued the regular maintenance treatments. I inherited large pores from my dad, and the Laser Genesis has made a significant improvement. My skin texture has really improved.

This year, at age 45, I ventured back to the “Guess Your Age Booth” at Cedar Point, and they guessed I was 39 years old!

Thank you Dr. Christian, and thank you Laser Genesis."

—H.A., 2011


"Dear Dr. Christian, I spent last Friday night and Saturday at St. John West Shore Hospital. Many of the nurses and doctors who took care of me thought that I was 70 years old... I'm 84 years old.

Looks like the treatments I recieved at Timeless Laser & Skin Care are working. I'll be back for more."

—D.D., May 2011


"I am in my early 50's and could start seeing the aging process take place. My tight unblemished skin was now starting to show signs of sagging and jowls appeared out of nowhere. Everytime I looked in the mirror, I just didn't feel good about myself. I wanted to see what I use to see in the mirror just a couple of years ago.

I had heard about Dr. Stefanie Christian from an article I read and thought I would check her out. I came in thinking injections would be the answer, but Dr. Christian was very honest with me and told me the best procedure for me would be the Titan laser program.

Being the person I am, I had to do plenty of research before I would consider getting anything like this done. I read reviews on the internet from all over the country regarding Titan, both good and bad and the bad took over my initial decision to not have it done. Everyday I continued looking in the mirror and still was not happy at what was looking back at me. I decided once again to do more research and finally convinced myself that the good reviews outweighed the bad.

I just finished my third Titan treatment and could not be happier with the results. It definitely tightened my skin and I feel like I look the way I use to. According to the experts, this skin tightening will continue for several months as my body will produce new collagen. My maintenance now is only once every 18 months and I feel it was worth every penny. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Christian as she will give you her honest opinion on whether she thinks you are a good candidate. It is non-invasive and you get back to your daily life immediately. Being a working woman, I do not have a lot of down time, so this worked perfectly into my schedule. There was no pain and no after effects other than a subtle immediate tightening in my skin. By the third treatment, I really saw a huge difference and I scrutinize myself very closely. I could not be happier and would recommend Dr. Stefanie Christian for this procedure."



"I love my lips!" (Perlane)

—M.M., May 2011


"I stopped wearing shorts or even capris several years ago because of the ugly spider veins all over my legs. I went to see Dr. Christian after reading about her. She immediately inspired confidence. She took time to talk to me about what she could do with the laser and what the alternatives were. She told me how it would feel and what my legs would look like afterwards. I felt well prepared for everything that happened. It took three sessions, but my legs looked good enough to show them on a cruise my husband and I took in November! I know I may need touch-ups down the line, but you know, I look forward to my visits with Dr. Christian - I always learn something new. Thank you Dr. Christian. "

—Dorothy M., January 2011


"My love affair with the sun is taking its toll in the form of limes and wrinkles that are just too depressing! Fortunately Dr. Stefanie has taken the time to address my concerns but also respects my desire to take baby steps with procedures. The other day I pointed out a line that just doesn't go away upon waking (you know, the dreaded scrunched up side of your face that you slept on all night!). Well, it's now gone, very natural looking and I could not be more pleased with the results. I was even happier when I found out it will last for a year.
People tell me I look better now than ever before. I am sure that the products that Dr. Stefanie has recommended to me as well as her fight of helping me make the right choices for injectables are the reason. I am heading south SPF armed and wrinkle free! Thanks Dr, Stefanie you and your staff are terrific!!"

—J.S., March 2011


"My Titan treatments were fast and painless with natural and beautiful results. Thank you Dr. Christian."

—I.M., October 2010


"Dr. Christian is truly amazing! Not only is she passionate in what she does; she approaches everyone with a kind spirit and actually listens to what you have to say. Additionally, she happens to be the best at what she does. She knows and understands how to tackle beauty problems from the root of the underlying problem, approaching it from a molecular and physiological standpoint. Allied to this, her staff is always willing to lend a helping hand in offering their input on various services and treatments appropriate to your specific needs. I would recommend her and her staff in a heartbeat, whatever your beauty needs may be!"

—Nadia H., June 2010


"I was approaching my 50th birthday and wanted to look more youthful, but most importantly, I didn't want to look fake or "worked on." Dr. Stefanie got that, and I look better than I have in a long time. First she got me on a skin care regimen she and Cindy designed specifically for my skin. Her Glytone products are fantastic and very reasonably priced. Then she did IPL for my brown spots from sun damage and Laser Genesis for my enlarged pores. My husband and friends say my complexion looks younger than it has in years. The pigment is even and the texture is much smoother. Best of all, I simply look healthy and rested, not like 'I had something done.' Thanks, Dr. Stefanie."

—Susan L., June 2010


"My warmest thanks to Dr. Stefanie Christian who has dedicated her life to the care and well-being of women - first as an OB/GYN and then to balance her own family needs, as the owner of Timeless Laser and Skin Care.

Dr. Christian beautifully combines her medical skills with her ability to really listen. In my mind one of Dr. Christian's more impressive qualities is her desire to not only use today's technologies to address a person's problems and concerns, but also to help men, women, and teenagers to understand the balance between healthy living and looking wonderful, but age appropriate. Addressing my sun-induced age spots and bringing vitality and form back to my face keeps me
looking like me, but a healthy me!

It's my great pleasure to know Stefanie Christian, through business and as a friend. She is knowledgeable, professional, and warm. It is with complete confidence and trust that I recommend her to you."

—Gail L., April 2010


"I am a middle-aged female who has taken good care of my skin and was blessed with good genes. Last year was the most difficult year of my life as my mother was terminally ill and I was caring for my dad as well. I had been neglecting my skin, and the stress had begun to show on my face. I searched the web for something I could do that would be minimally invasive with no down time. I found Timeless Laser and Skin Care and Dr. Stefanie Christian. She evaluated me and I started a series of laser Genesis treatments.

The treatments were painless and I looked forward to them much like a spa day. The pores on my face are minimized, the texture improved, and I feel better about myself. As important as the treatment, I met a genuinely kind and caring woman in Dr. Christian, who became my friend. I will be a patient and friend for life. Thank you Dr. Stefanie!"

—Jan F., February 2010


"Dr. Christian is not only highly skilled and state-of-the art in her techniques, but an artist as well. She researches everything she does thoroughly and is constantly learning, but her artistic talents are natural. She pays attention to your concerns, but is also very good at seeing things you might not notice, and finding ways to combine techniques for the best and most natural results. There is no fear you'll look strange or overdone, just back to your best self.

She did a beautiful job getting rid of my frown lines with Botox so I could look as happy as I feel, and the lightest touch with Juvederm around the mouth moothed out those pesky lines on the upper lip and the downturned smile appearance. She also zapped my brown sunspots with the IPL laser and they are gone! Dr. Christian is like having your own personal turn-back-time-machine!"

—Cynthia T., March 2010


"I am a 36 year old woman who has spots of brown pigment all over my face. About two years ago they seemed to become worse. As recommended by my dermatologist, I tried Tri-Luma. Unfortunately, I did not see any real results and the spots were becoming more obvious. I heard from a friend of mine about [IPL] the procedure Dr. Stefanie Christian does and immediately called to try it out. After the first treatment, I was convinced… the brown spots have been reduced
significantly and have maintained a much lighter shade. I have and will continue recommending Dr. Christian for this treatment. She not only takes the time to help you understand what she is doing …she is also a pleasure just to talk to. Thanks Dr. Christian for everything! "

—Jenny T., November 2009


"I am a 58 yr old woman. I was a smoker for most of my life until 5 years ago. I worshiped the sun since I was a teenager, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I went to tanning beds for a number of years! Needless to say, I had wrinkles and brown spots that were not attractive and I was very self conscious of.

Dr. Christian at Timeless Laser & Skin Care evaluated my skin, recommended Radiesse & Juvederm for my creases and wrinkles and IPL treatments for my brown spots.

I could not be any happier with the results! I look refreshed, relaxed and vibrant!! My brown spots are completely gone and my creases and wrinkles are barely visible.

My family and friends compliment me. They tell me how refreshed and younger I look!!

Thank you Dr. Christian. This is exactly what I needed for myself. My experience with you has been very pleasant . You are extremely knowledgeable and professional. You are very caring and made me feel comfortable during the treatments! Thank you again!

I have, and will continue to recommend you to all my friends."

—Gerty D., August 2009


“Thank You !!!!! …I knew something was changing when my make-up started going on smoother and I actually saw the pores had gotten smaller. Well, it’s now been 6 weeks since my last visit and changes are still taking place. My neck is firmer. I have a jaw line. And I no longer look angry. My skin is smooth and bright and much to my surprise all this has raised my confidence level….I no longer wear bangs down to my eyebrows to cover frown lines. I wear my hair up to show my neck. I walk straighter and have even taken up walking… THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.”

—Peggy T., July 2008


"It is somewhat embarrassing that at the age of 31, I have struggled with cystic acne for more than half my life. Dermatologists and estheticians alike have tried to help me, but none of the treatments they offered created the results that I desired. There wasn’t a product I wouldn’t try including the famous Proactiv, Differin gel, Retin-A, and oral antibiotics, which prove to have nasty effects for some women. Thankfully, my caring boyfriend hunted down a new type of treatment online that I had never heard of before called photodynamic therapy, or PDT. I immediately called Dr. Christian at Timeless Laser & Skin Care. After seeing her for only a few treatments, one month apart from each other, I am honestly amazed at how clear my skin has become! I could never put a price on my happiess and satisfactions with my results from Dr. Christian."

—Dana J., March 2009


"Thank you! Great results! Thank you again."

—Howard G., April 2009